Manage students and staff effectively

Schoork comes with all of the tools above. Use our browser-based site or our mobile apps to track student attendance, visualize student achievement, and monitor teacher growth. Why shouldn't this all be in one place?

Automate repetitive tasks

Excel formulas, vlookups, copy and paste... Stop doing what a computer can do and spend more of your time doing what they can't: building relationships with students and teachers. Why spend five days creating charts? Schoork can do it in an instant.

Streamline your workload

Still using paper office referrals and behavior trackers? Go digital to reduce the work you do and enrich your data. Schoork automates communication and allows administrators to easily track student and staff performance.

Flex to your needs

Schook fits you; you don't have to fit it. Customize observation forms exactly the way you want them and get insightful charts with the options you select. Want a new observation form? Create it yourself and use it the same day.

Make better decisions

Excuses are a thing of the past when all of your data is one place. Know which interventions are working and which are not. Correlate student achievement with teacher attendance. Spend less time compiling and more time deciding.

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