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You must add at least one address.


In this section, please only list individuals who have legal guardianship of the student. These would be individuals listed on the child's birth certificate or those granted guardianship by a court order.
If no parents are identified, this student may be considered an Unaccompanied Youth by the school district. Unaccompanied youth can still register for school. See for more information.

Emergency Contacts

While your child is at school there may be an emergency. In the event that we cannot any of the parents/guardians listed above during an emergency, please list any individuals you would like us to attempt to contact.

Health Information

Residency Information

Household Income

The following questions ask about household income. The answers to these questions will not be shared with anyone and are used for district purposes only. They will not be used to make any decisions concerning your child.

For Household Income, add the amounts earned by all adult members living with you from


Home Language Survey

If your child was born in the United States, you may skip answering the rest of the questions in this section. Make sure the checkbox above is checked.

Schools Attended

Indicate the schools your child has attended since moving to the United States. If your child was born in the US, you may skip this section.

Kindergarten Intake Survey